About Me, Your Host

I love earthtone colors, and creatively fancy and unique jewelry.  In addition, I am an aspired writer of fiction, wife, mother of two, and grandmother of five. In the meantime, I enjoy reading, telling stories, encouraging others, traveling, spending time with my family, and I’m very adventurous. Look to purchase my autobiographical novel in the near future.

One Adventurous Story 

White water rafting was one of the many recreational activities that I tried a dare on. The picture displayed was taken at the Cheat River located in Eastern West Virginia. Look at my plunge, head first.  HeeHee!

I was thankful that neither my husband’s nor my feet got stuck in between the river’s rock crevices underneath.  When we capsized, I don’t know how, where he went or when my husband made it out.  That’s because all the while, my eyes were closed.  I remembered the position the guide demonstrated to us before we entered the river—safety precautions of course.  He said that we were to hold our feet up and outward, legs together.  After I held out my feet, my head popped up at the surface of the river.  Afterwards, I opened my eyes.  I was able to see my location.  Dang it! I was too close to the swirling hole mid the river. That giagantic swirling reminded me of a Roto Rooter Plumbing drainage. Ahhhhhh!

My husband and I not only was courageous, but we had a ball!! Swoosh!ooooppppsthereitis[1]

My husband surfaced first.  The guide came and rescued him.  When I finally surfaced, the guide came and retrieved me.  The male guide paddled me back to a huge rock near where my husband awaited me.  I was told to get on top of that rock until my husband and I could safely re-enter our canoe.  That instructive expression was to calm my nerves too.  We had two more white water river bank hurdles to conquer before we reached the leveled bank.


Phewww, Safe!! Leveled banks.



31 thoughts on “About Me, Your Host

  1. Hi -:)!

    I enjoyed reading this post … so much life and humor and vibrancy captured within!

    Enjoy your blogging adventure -:)!



  2. My husband, not a water person, tried looking at little fish and coral with a mouth tube and goggles…no tanks though…so long ago I forget the name, not quite scuba…just surface. And yet he is the camper…not I. It is nice when your partner will be brave and try new things with you…maybe one day he’ll go up in a hot air balloon with me? Cheers.


    • Well I must say, going along with the “ camper ” certainly is not an easy thing. It took over a year building up gumption. These days the bravery to carry out similar feats has gone south!! Maybe?!😳😒


      • My Mother-in-laws idea of camping is a hotel with a Black and White TV. A joke that might get lost on younger folks as we are now in the almost tubeless stage of home entertainment.

        I think I’ll stick to things where I know my body will stay in one piece 🙂 Which only means I am most likely not going to go sky diving tomorrow.


      • Wow! I don’t know about that skydiving. Seems to risky unless I’m piggybacking with an expert guide. I’ll stick with the dog sledding that I’m longing to one day experience. The inner plucky spirit rises evr’y now and again urging me to…GO forth! AHA!


  3. So pleased to meet you and wow what an adventure, Love your sense of Spirit and the feel of this blog holds not only warm tones of your beautifully created background but shows the warmth of your personality… Pleased to meet and greet you 🙂


    • Hello lady Sue, thank you for stopping by and for the kind expressions. I’m happy to know that you feel pleased, and for making Yahobahne “Designs” your neighboring blog. Feel free to peruse more. Enjoy the reading.😊


    • Oh my, are you too adventurous? Well, here’s my shout out to you lady Carolyn for the acknowledgement and for the follow—Yayyyy👏👏. Now pull up a chair because, there’s more for you to peruse and enjoy. Take care. 😊


  4. Oh my! You are one brave woman. I love the sound of an adventure, but water is one of many things that I am afraid of. I don’t know how to swim so that may be the reason. 😉 Thanks for sharing such an exciting time in your life with your husband. What’s next on your list for an adventure?


    • Thank you X Melissa Little. I too don’t know how to swim. When I went under the river, my eyes were closed the whole time. I was holding my breath and was praying that my guardian angels were with me. They were!!
      Our next adventure, God willing, will be dog sledding. AHA! Wooo Anyway, thank you for the compliments and for stopping by. Make yourself at home here.


    • Thank you for visiting vastlycurious. I appreciate your courtesy. And yes, in a sense I did design my own background. After all, that pic was taken from my own photo gallery and chosen from one of many pics I took with my iPhone; i.e., this is not a computer pic. You’re welcome to stop by again. Peace and blessings.


  5. OMG haha, you’re not kidding about adventurous. Haha, kinda scary but that’s great. I’m a thrill seeker too to some degree, but out-of-control water is another thing. Still, it sounds like you all had a blast and that’s the object. Glad you were safe!


    • Thank you lady redpilloutlaw for stopping by. So you’re a thrill seeker too? Is it the roller coaster kind of adrenaline rush? Holla! My next goal is dog sledding. Ohhhh yeah!!🐕🐕🐺🐺


      • Hi Yahobahne. Like your name by the way. Does it mean anything? Hahaha. I don’t like roller coasters as well anymore, but for instance I decided today after I get in better shape to enroll myself in a pole class to tighten up all the bits. Haha. Read more of my blog, you’re get a better understanding of how I am. Used to be a big risk taker/thrill seeker and it permeated every part of life. Lot of crashes through it tho. Calmed down a bit, sobered up (literally too). But I do it even with choice of partners, not sure how wise that is. Ooooo, dog sledding? Where will you be doing this? You know what I loved? Bongee jumping! You ever been sky diving?


      • Ok, I will…but the last time I did it (bongee jumping)…the technicians were trying to joke: is it working okay today? Did the technician come out? Er…after they strapped me in. Haha. My date was the smart one, he refused to do it. 🙂


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