Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center

This summer, I visited Orlando’s Magic Kingdom and the Epcot Center.  It was an exciting, child-like and fun experience.  My daughter and a dear friend accompanied me.  We saw, ate, and walked about so much so that it’s too overwhelming to begin to describe and explain everything.  Nevertheless, we had a ball!

Oh, I don’t want to be remiss in not mentioning our monorail and gondola type boat rides, to name a few.  Overall, the most pleasant and memorable experience for me was the time-machine, Disney’s Parade, the huge and beautiful fireworks displayed that night, and visiting Adventureland.  To top it all however was the force perspective space ride which was DaBomb!  It was a dream to behold—a dream come true.  It was definitely magical.

If you know what I’m talking about—been there done that, click on the “Like” and or write a comment.  Tell us your story or most favorite magical Disney experience/ride. MagicKingdom

2 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center

  1. I’ve been to Disneyland but that was 2 decades ago. Last month, my children and I took a holiday to Dream World in Gold Coast, Australia. I took some rides after some nudging and nagging from them, so yes, I know and shared your feelings. It rocks to be a child again 🙂


    • Oh WOW!, Dream World in Gold Coast, Australia sounds extremely fun. Hopefully, I can google some pics. I’m glad y’all had a ball and your children convinced you to get on some rides. Zoooom💨💨
      Thank you lady for visiting me and sharing.


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