An All Too Common Feeling, Uncertainty Reduction

It was the first evening of a host of college classes to come, a course in American History, Past and Present .  I don’t recall American History being a course-subject in middle or high school.  Therefore, I had a very skeptical attitude about my ability to comprehend and successfully pass an untrodden subject matter.  All of this came with the territory—the new […]

This Time It Wasn’t the Devil

Crouching at the door of my heart was anger, a shot of bitterness swallowed (Scripture reading: Genesis 4:6b, 7; Ephesians 4:27).  No one could readily know it because I was angry on the inside not visible to the countenance.  The enemy had waged war against my soul and spiritual warfare, the battle of how I would […]

Is It Possible to Hear God Even When He is Silent?

It’s quiet and you have retired for the evening. The grind from the hustle and bustle from a day’s work has set in. Your mind is heavy laden—emotionally drained from dealing with the events that had transpired during the course of the day. And in the midst of it all, your spirit man has shrunk […]

My Sistah’s Attitude-Drama

How many times have we come across this all too familiar attitude? Read further down.  This type of behavior that I’m referring to is not a stereotypical or discriminatory characteristic.  It’s certainly not isolated to a specific group, socioeconomic status or class, race, gender or culture.  Behaviors such as the ones described below is no respecter of persons.  […]

When Sharing is Out of Place, Disjointedness Occurs

“Share and share alike,” is an all too familiar and cosmopolitan phrase that most of us find agreeable.  Often times this idiom is appropriated in our actions and thoughts whether or not we are conscious of it. It is a natural response. And I believe this action word underlies the root of how we were socialized […]