The Conversation

The Holy Spirit awoke me with a vision, call to your girlfriend of many years, ask if her dad has been saved, receiving palliative hospice care—living out his last days. She confirmed, “yes, he received salvation,” and he used to be an active church deacon, daily riddled in pain he screams as he lay, “Lord, […]

The Peering Moon

Mighty winds blowing intermittent pockets of brisk cold air passing through my body In the dark of night the high-pitched sounds whirring across my ears Whipping through smoke emitting chimneys Traveling upwards through dry branches snap, crackling sounds drawing my attention to Behold, noctilucent winter clouds passing by no raising the heavenly curtain’s appearance eyes caught you peering at me […]

Part Three: A Story Describing Her “Soul Ties”

Over and over again God met with her. One day while sitting in church, she listened intently to the 9:30 a.m. sermon.  It was as if that sermonic message had become metaphorically a pair of loving arms.  The words her pastor spoke embraced her heart. Becoming a member of a church community was the best […]

Part Two: A Story Describing Her “Soul Ties”

Many years had passed and she still felt guilty for the choices she had made. In many ways, the soul ties became painfully intense. Strongholds of guilt had randomly pop into the portals of her sanity, magnifying every bit of disgrace. In the end however, the negative feelings were redirected. Her faith would bring about […]

The Flu Flew

Common in season Winter germs spread Randomly picked me Why? No reason Ev’ry symptom awakes Sinus draining Ear pressure Body and head aches Temperature rose No appetite Chills all over Itchy, stuffy and runny nose Ahchoooo Violently coughing Doctor’s visit Stomach upset and Nauseated too Hydrating How much longer? No peace Constant praying and medicating Canned […]

Part One: A Story Describing Her “Soul Ties”

They were students attending the same school.  It was their last year of high school and Summer was approaching.  Early on she received salvation, a new way of life by accepting Jesus, the Christ as her Saviour.  But the G-d she served was not yet her Lord. The young man involved wasn’t saved.  Perhaps, he was too busy being flirtatious with other females.  […]

Get Ready . . .

Ev’ry thing that’s dry having no life, shall come back and live 10-fold.  I decree an “Overflow,” Rivers in The Desert Blessing. This second, minute, hour, day, month, year, God is about to supernaturally pour out His blessings of: healing, courage, deliverance, restoration, revival, commitments, peace, salvation, reconciliations, strength, godly love, and empowerment for those who believe.  Type  “Amen” […]