Part One: A Story Describing Her “Soul Ties”

They were students attending the same school.  It was their last year of high school and Summer was approaching.  Early on she received salvation, a new way of life by accepting Jesus, the Christ as her Saviour.  But the G-d she served was not yet her Lord. The young man involved wasn’t saved.  Perhaps, he was too busy being flirtatious with other females.  With his experience, good looks, and reputation, he could almost get any girl he wanted.  To add, he had a knack for spotting the vulnerable females.

Anyway it was obvious, and one could tell that she wasn’t hip to his behavior—at least not in the beginning. That’s because she wasn’t the worldly kind.  Moreover, neither of them knew each other.

Driver’s ed simulation was the class that she and this guy, who she would subsequently have a relationship with, shared together.

Later on that afternoon in school, and after having lunch in the cafeteria, someone in the school hallway happen to be passing out invitations for a house party scheduled for that upcoming Saturday.  Normally, seniors would have geeks doing their bidding for them.

Time went on, and unbeknownst to both the young lady and this young man, they would end up meeting—at that house party.

Late Saturday evening arrived and the smoke-filled basement was dark, for the exception of a awkwardly blinding strobe light.  Those partygoers knew each other like they were kin folk at a family reunion.  That didn’t include the party crashers.  Nevertheless back then, it didn’t matter whether or not the strobe light was flashing because if you recognized a familiar face, you would gladly acknowledge that person. Whoever had been recognized, their greeting could be heard across one corner of the basement to the next.  Even at the top of the basement steps before entering into the full-blown party scene, one could hear the loud, booming, happy bellowing . . .

“Hey BooBoo, que pasa?

“Que pasa Penny, ev’rything’s good? solid”

“Right on!”

By 11:00p.m., the basement would be doubly packed. It was full of experienced dancers rocking those fast paced dance moves—the street hustle, the bop and hand dance, and the bump.  At the bar, others were smoking and drinking mixed drinks—mostly alcohol laced, eating peanuts, and talkin’ smack.

In order to get around one had to feel their way through the glaring, colorful, light flashes.  That’s when he spotted her.  He made his way to the long, tan-colored, leather couch covered with thick plastic located in the corner of the basement, near the window.  Every movement made as he closely approached her appeared to be in a slow robotic motion.  In the meantime, the acoustics from the music was bouncing off’f the walls, and partygoers were now slowly dancing to . . .

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine,
blowing through the jasmines of my mind…
Sweet days of summer, the jasmine’s in bloom
July is dressed up and playing her tune…”

Suaved, he walked in front of her, kneeled on one knee and asked her if she wanted to dance.  She looked directly at him and smiled because she felt special that he would even dare to kneel. Besides, after hours of sitting no other male had asked her to dance.   Both of them got into a long conversation that eventually led to an exchange of phone numbers.

A couple of days later, he called her.  Afterwards, he learned where she lived.  And then, one thing led to another . . .

In what seemed like sincerity, he said, “let me come in unto you.”

Unmade bed

Naive, and with hesitation she, in her heart, consented. It was her first time. To add, she was blinded by the lust of curiosity.  Nonetheless, this was her chance to seize the moment simply because she felt special, needed and loved.  Not having weighed the outcome of her choices—scarcely anyone does—his fantasy and enticing words had entrapped her.

Yet, she didn’t and couldn’t resist. The stronghold of her will which consists of the soul, the mind, and the intellect cried out to be loved, needed, and belonged to.

Knot_ropeIn fact, she was headed for years of bondage, and this she didn’t realize—rarely anyone does. Consequently, a host of mental and emotional issues would barrage her.

In ignorance, her soul was ’bout to become joined, married, connected with other souls—entangled, unequally yoked.  Foolishly, and without further delay, the marriage-relationship had been consummated.

There was no typical wedding reception. No guests, only the two involved were present.  Layered was a beautiful, white cake.  It had a decorative ring on top which the piercing knife made its way through first.  Then the knife slid its way down into the cake tiers. The sharp edges created a mess causing chunks of pieces of the cake to fall apart which made for an ugly appearance.  The long handle, thick-wedged knife slid out, and on the sharp blade there shown was the blood-colored, red, velvet icing.  He may have enjoyed it, but it was very unpleasant to her.  It definitely wasn’t what she had dreamed of.

MultipleNumbersMonths and years had past, and she found out about his previous relationships.  She however  was still preoccupied with fulfilling her carnal lust and the need to be loved—looking for love in all the wrong places.

Now for ev’ry partner that “came in unto” her, the numbers would substantially magnify—multiple partners combined with her—them.

All of a sudden, she began to feel greater shame and guilty.  And for years these thoughts would plague her mind—emotions.  She thought perhaps if she saw other men, different men, that those feelings and thoughts would go away.  But they did not dissapate, at least not instantly.

BedandMultiplepplTo her dismay, the guilt and shame bashing from her conscious became greater.  The names she began to hear were not her “birth” name, neither were they names from G-d, her Creator.

Oftentimes she would read her bible.  But never once had she read any scripture verse referencing G-d calling her insidious names.  She found solace reading the bible especially if she made mistakes.  After a while, God was the only one she learned how to trust.

And she would later on find out that her Heavenly Father God was too unconditionally loving—too forgiving—non judgmental.  That was just His nature.  Meanwhile, the voices escalated; they were demonic in nature—her battle with demons.

GuiltinWords For years, she felt ashamed. But she was determined that those names would no longer have any control over her, define her or be a stronghold in her life.

That young lady became determined.  She attended church more, read the bible, fasted, praised, worshipped and sought her Saviour through prayer. He would soon become her Lord.


14 thoughts on “Part One: A Story Describing Her “Soul Ties”

  1. Wow! I’m speechless. I do give all of the honor and glory to Father God! 😌
    My condolences to you and your family. Mothers are dear to our hearts. Today marks the second month that my mother-in-love transitioned. I will always have great memories of her, as I know you will your mom.

    We can stay in touch, if not here, then FACEBOOK. I love you my sister. ❤️ I know Father God is steadfast in comforting you. As well, we know that all things are working out for our good! May PaPa’s peace rest, rule and abide in you now, and in the days ahead! ✨❤️🌹


    • Hello lady Sheryl. It’s been a while since you and I replied via WP comments. Thank you for your kind words. And you’re correct, our Father is amazing! ✨❤️

      How are you? From time to time I visit, then read a couple of your posts! Love’em! I think a few weeks ago I was there.🤔 Anyway, I’m glad we’re still connected my friend. ✨❤️🌹

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  2. Some really great writing you are presenting here. I will return and complete the story later this week. Thanks for sharing. Be Encouraged and Be Blessed!


  3. Beautifully written! This line jumped out at me “…blinded by the lust of curiosity.” I can imagine that this is one of the struggles that ladies have when they’re about to take a tumble into sin; not being able to differentiate being ready on all fronts from sheer curiosity. Nice post 🙂


    • Lady worshipandswag, thank you for stopping by and for your comment. You’re correct that lustful curiosities can lead ladies, (as well as men), to fall into sin. And to know that it all started in the garden. Prayerfully after reading all three parts of the “Soul Ties” blogs, one’s lustful curiosities, in whatever aspect of their life, will be destroyed. I’m believing that those individuals will no longer fulfill the lusts of their flesh, but rather s/he will lust after the Kingdomly things of God. And great shall be your peace.


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