The Flu Flew

Common in season
Winter germs spread
Randomly picked me
Why? No reason

Ev’ry symptom awakes
Sinus draining
Ear pressure
Body and head aches

Temperature rose
No appetite
Chills all over
Itchy, stuffy and runny nose

Violently coughing
Doctor’s visit
Stomach upset and Nauseated tooFluSeason2

How much longer?
No peace
Constant praying and medicating

Canned soups brand new
Lawd h’ve mercy
Hot tea, plenty of rest
The flu and its symptoms flew

© ~jmh~

18 thoughts on “The Flu Flew

    • Thank you lady Sandrabranum for stopping by. Right on, being proactive and preventive is the key. I will revisit your blog lady. Perhaps then you’ll have more fun furniture. 😊


  1. Hehe…That’s cute. Thankfully, I haven’t gotten it. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your blog’s theme design!!! I can tell you are a very talented writer because this poem is so creative 🙂


    • Thank you Lady Luv and I Do for you’re kind words. During the days I was suffering with the symptoms and virus😷😣, I just had to do something to cheer up myself. AHA! So, I give credit to the Author of laughter for the soul–my Healer! Thank you for stopping by and saying hey. You’re welcome to visit again even follow!


  2. I absolutly love your blog 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I’m glad that you found me! I have a very new & intersting blog that I am following now! Hope to keep in touch. From one sister in Christ to another! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


    • Hello lady jgann22, I’m so glad that I found your blog site too. Father God knew that we would connect this year. He’s faithful. I give Him the praise that He’s using me to touch the lives of many people. He loves you so much. Be blessed and backatcha enjoy your weekend.


      • Thank you! Just what I needed to hear. I am making lots of blogging friends ! And, I just feel like I can’t say thank you enough! He is so much more than what I could ever think to say. I feel flustered at times trying to think of the right words.


      • Wait on the Lord, be of good courage wait, I say on the Lord, the scripture instructs. I too, like many other bloggers/writers become frustrated when my words don’t or won’t flow. Timing is of the essence, and I understand too that sometimes my well of thoughts might be dry. So then I’ll wait until there’s a refilling. Afterwards, I’m refreshed and able to begin anew. May God’s peace bring you comfort.


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