The Peering Moon

iPhoneMoonPicMighty winds blowing
intermittent pockets of brisk cold air
passing through my body

In the dark of night
the high-pitched sounds
whirring across my ears

Whipping through smoke emitting chimneys
Traveling upwards through dry branches
snap, crackling sounds drawing my attention to

Behold, noctilucent winter clouds passing by
no raising the heavenly curtain’s appearance
eyes caught you peering at me

This is what the LORD says: The One who gives the sun for light by day,
the fixed order of moon and stars for light by night,
who stirs up the sea and makes its waves roar–
the Lord of Hosts is His name. Jeremiah 31:35



19 thoughts on “The Peering Moon

    • He certainly was my companion that special night peering at me. Thank you lady Barbara for your kind words and for stopping by.

      I remember vividly the stunning “wolf” photo. 🙂


  1. My-o-my! What a sensational poem! The first and last stanzas are my favorite. And I like how you related this to a bible quote. Surely, the Lord of Hosts is His name, and you are going forth, announcing this Good News to all! Keep writing…His has you covered. And I am a proud follower of your blog from now on, sensational poet!


    • Thank you sir Uzoma for stopping by and for your kind expressions. I thought it interesting that you referred to me as a poet when writing fictional short stories are my forte. AHA! To add, I’m glad to know that you are a follower. I’m humbled. Blessings and peace to you!


    • Thank you Lady emeraldogzz. I appreciate your kindness and thoughtful expressions. I give all praise to my Lord and Savior, Jesus. He is the true author and finisher of my faith when it comes to writing.
      Thank you for following me. Much success to you and your endeavors.


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