Be Not Dismay, But You Better Take Heed!

Throughout the years, off and on my back, from the shoulders to the hips, has given me problems. For example, I couldn’t stand for extremely long hours because if I did, that region would ache. As a result, I was careful not to select particular job positions, for instance a mail carrier or waitress. And when doing household chores such as washing dishes, I had to take breaks because the tension in it was so enormous. But during those times, the reality of the back problems or its consequences never really sunk in. Life went on… I was cavalier in thinking that I could continue to wear 2-1/2″ high heel shoes. And, I would bend over and pick up adorable babies in my previous position as childcare provider. To add, as a former employee, alike a sole proprietor of my own daycare, I hauled boxes filled with files, etc., umm perhaps 50-lbs or less to say the least. Can you say STRESS?

In the early to mid 1980’s I was in a car accident. I was going south on the beltway to work. It was drizzling that day so of course you know the roads were wet. While driving, another car with children in the back seat, without seatbelts on, pulled over closely in front of me. That careless parent and my sudden move required me to break—on a slippery surface. And when I did, my car spun around and glided over an extra lane, approximately 180 degrees. When it finally stopped, I was facing north. I guess it was one of the cars behind me that side swiped my car. However, I didn’t see which driver until after the pullover. Later I found out that driver who hit me wasn’t directly behind me. Rather, he was in another lane—that’s how wide my car spun outward. Thank God neither of us was injured and or required serious medical attention. Months later, I went to a chiropractor to get my back reset and massaged. I never felt so rejuvenated. But still, the reality of having back problems hadn’t really set in. Can you say STRESS?


Fast Forward

For the past few months, I’ve been going back and forth to the doctors and dentists. Guess what for? If you guessed that I was going to the doctors for back problems, then you’re correct. The preceding information combined with the pulled X-ray data retrieved from my primary doctor about one year ago, boiled down to the following conclusion. He, from the most recent diagnosis concerning my back, stated: “…this brings me to say, ‘you have arthritis.'” Mind you, I didn’t recall him stating this fact a year ago—that is, that there was arthritis found. And guess why? Right, reality hadn’t yet set it. Well needless to say, my back is wack! Yeeeees, today I admit it! Reality has finally set in. I accepted that arthritis was in my back, but in the interim, other problems had developed. Eventually, I went back to see my primary doctor about pain in my ears, headaches and pain coming from the side of my face and seemingly teeth. Anyway, he checked my ears and nothing. He then referred me to an endocrinologist or eyes, ears, nose, and throat doctor (ENT). The endo couldn’t find anything. Can you say STRESSFUL?

~ Imminent was my appointment to see the dentist. ~

By all means this was not the end to my back pain. As of two weeks ago today, the doctor diagnosed me as having… Tadaaaaa… lumbar radiculopathy (LR). Say WHAT?! Basically, LR is a pinched nerve in the lumbar. Copy/paste/ or click on the link to find out more information: I can tell you, the pain usually radiates from my hip, to the calf and all the way down to the very tips of my toes. Numbness occurs in the big toes and sometimes the pain shoots down my right arm into my hand. Other times it afflicts the groin area and it prevents me from effective amubulation. All the same, it’s very aggravating.

Meantime, I saw my dentist. At that time, I thought that I was going see the dentist for a routine cleaning. Pain was still radiating from my teeth and jaws. And the headaches were just as bad, a nuisance I might add. While attempting to clean the upper portion of my teeth, the dentist hit a nerve or perhaps my gums. I’m not sure. Nonetheless, I hollered! That’s when my carnal nature had risen because at that time, I wanted to kick some a-s -k me later…

~ BUT GOD!! ~

Come to find out, my dentist indicated that I had TMJ! WHATDAH?! Simply put, TMJ is a condition whereby the jaws and teeth are misaligned. Untreated, it causes jaw spasms, headaches and numerous other musculoskeletal disorders. In my situation, aging, life’s STRESS, as a result, clenching my teeth at night took part in creating this problem. Subsequently, I saw another dentist within the same office who specialized in neuromuscular dentistry which is related to TMJ. The neuromuscular procedure is a process that consists of a series of electromyograms or EMG tests. Moreover, my teeth were set in a substance for the molding of a mouthpiece. For 23 hours of the day, I must wear this guard also known as an orthotic mouthpiece. For more information concerning neuromuscular TMJ disorders, copy/paste/ or click here to read more about it.:

To read more about the orthotic mouthpiece, copy/paste/ or click on the following link. Scroll down to view the short video (TMJ for Dummies), so that you’ll get a better understanding.

This is a picture of my orthotic mouthpiece resting in its case.


That’s not all folk… Last week I went to get an MRI. The results showed that I’ve arthritis as already mentioned above, and degenerative disc disease. LAWD HAVE MERCY!! Bottom line, I can’t wait to get my glorified body!! Copy/paste/ or click on the link to find out more information about degenerative disc disease.:

Whew! I’ve certainly been through a lot these past months. But, by faith I know that everything happens for a reason. God has me in a place now that I am constantly, like a child, depending on Him. He is lovingly wooing me to sit at His feet—I’m there. One of the reasons that you haven’t seen many blogs within a month like before is because I’m spending time with my Father. He’s teaching me various lessons, too many to share in a blog. On the other hand, sometimes it’s best for me not to share at all. Hence, I’m dwelling in the secret place of the Most High…

Nonetheless, I’m not dismayed. I went through that phase. Lastly, I can truly say that literally, from my head to my toes, all in one spell, I was in excruiating pain. Even so, over the course of time while researching, I discovered how the mouth, being central, connects with—the spine connects with the jaw. . .

With the shoulder bone connected
to the back bone,
and the back bone connected
to the neck bone,
and the neck bone connected
to the head bone.
Oh mercy how they scare!

Y’all remember that song?

Father God, thank you for this time to share with the blogging community this information. You are Great and Mighty, and when You do things, You do it right. When You allow things to happen in our life, it’s for a reason, and You do things right. I pray that the viewers will, from reading this post, become more in tune to their body both naturally and spiritually, allowing reality to set in. Grace Your children Dear Lord. Help us to realize that if one joint is out of place, the others will follow suit. I pray that we will come in alignment with Your will and Your way. Cause the information in this blog to be a help to someone else who may be suffering or may have similar pain. I pray that they will not lose hope or be dismay. I pray that Your comfort will envelope them, and that Your peace will encompass them like vast halos of stars in Your firmament. I speak victory in the life of the sufferer, decreeing and declaring that they shall live, and that this too shall pass. It’s in the matchless name of Jesus’ that I release this prayer, in His name, Amen.

Ezekiel 37:1-6
The hand of the Lord was on me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the Lord and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones. He led me back and forth among them, and I saw a great many bones on the floor of the valley, bones that were very dry. He asked me, “Son of man, can these bones live?”

I said, “Sovereign Lord, you alone know.”

Then he said to me, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry bones, hear the word of the Lord! This is what the Sovereign Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life. I will attach tendons to you and make flesh come upon you and cover you with skin; I will put breath in you, and you will come to life. Then you will know that I am the Lord.’”


25 thoughts on “Be Not Dismay, But You Better Take Heed!

    • How could you forget twin errinspelling? 🙂 Without my orthotic, it’s so painful, to me anyway. I have to wear mine 23 hours per day. I’ve grown so used to it now. When it’s out, I feel terrible. Nonetheless, thanks for your empathy. Enjoy your weekend!


      • I’m surprised you’re not in a lot of pain…headaches, backaches, jawaches, etc. If so, and if you still have your orthotic, use it. Don’t you know that without it, your total body alignment literally is off? To add, those things are expensive. I hope you feel better.


      • oh i’m sorry i meant so many illnesses have happened since then.that was like 6 car wrecks ago , toxic mold, degenerative arthritis jaw. i’m not supposed to wear it anymore…i had just forgotten about it…moved so many times waiting for toxic mold to be cleaned from condo.almost everything i won is at a storage maryland & rest in


      • Oh my! Wow, you definitely need a miracle! I haven’t heard of degenerative arthritis jaw until now. And that toxic mold thing sound like it needs legal attention. Nevertheless, take care of yourself and feel better twin. 😀


  1. I was just thinking of you in my prayers the other day. Girl, let me tell ya what my mom tells everyone with some bone pain. “Take some calcium, take 2 in the morning and 2 before you go to bed, and eat a banana at lunch time.” LOL You’re healed dear sister, wait on it, it’s coming. Belief and faith in His will along with a sense of humor works every time. We will have our weak moments. I can testify to that. Continue receiving your blessings. Hugs!


    • Thanks for the love, your thoughtfulness and hugs lady Sheila. I’m feelin’ that!! And I do have to bumpitup on taking the much needed calcium! #keepingthefaith


  2. God is taking care of you. I know what back pain feels like, not fun! Praying for your healing 🙂
    We will definitely appreciate our new bodies! Thank you God!
    ( I remember the song!! hehe)


    • Hi lady Lele, reassurance and your concern about me is much appreciated. I’m feelin’ya on that song. It makes you wanna point to ya shoulders, arm and knee. 😆


  3. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful and inspiring prayer. May your pain become every time less and less each time you pray and exercise. Have a beautiful week!


  4. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for your healing and for your pain to become less. It sounds like you’ve been through the wringer — literally! *gentle hugs*


    • Lady Sam, I was tickled when I was writing the lyrics to that song. It bought back memories. That song may’ve been fun when we sang it as children, but presently, the lyrics are none but the truth.

      So far, I’m going to the pool to do water exercises. Hopefully, that will bring strength to my weak, very sore back. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. I’ll be over to your blog to salivate some of your scrumptious dishes soon. 😊 #Yum


    • Thank you sir Larry for visiting my blog site, and for noticing my sense of humor. 😆 That’s such a delightful comment! Stop by again, you’re welcome to make yourself at home here…anytime.


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