I guess you’re wondering where I’ve been or what has happened since reading my last blogs. Maybe you’re wondering have I gotten better healthwise or has the chronic pain in my body worsened. All of these are legitimate concerns and I thank you for your thoughtfulness, patience, but most of all your prayers.

For those who haven’t read the last two blogs about my health, perhaps you should. Doing so will probably give you a better understanding including the impact of the most recent news…what I’m about to share with you.

I had to get away from all of the stress of the doctor’s reports and medical diagnosis on what was happening inside my body. What I didn’t mention previously was an MRI test showed that there were nodules in my lungs. Dangit! Enough is enough!!

So with prayer, I decided to go and visit momma. She lives in Charlotte, NC. At first, it was somewhat agonizing thinking this through. After all, the longest I’ve been away from my husband was at least a week. Momma was surprised I was coming too—as long as one month—because as she stated, “this is the first you’ve ever stayed with me this long.” I knew what she meant and she’s right! For almost 34years of being married, I had no need to “stay” at my parent’s house. I have, one can say, for years weathered the storm. By the way, me and my husband’s 34th anniversary is September 12th. 😊

Well, with the peace of God as my guide, I made and sealed my decision. Momma didn’t mind me staying for almost one whole month, uhh shy one week actually. I really wanted to stay until my birthday, August 23rd, then leave that Sunday. But I had to be back in town in order to undergo a past due bi-yearly mammogram. Ughhh! Women bloggers 25 years and older, go right now to make an appointment for your mammogram examinations!

When I returned home, I was refreshed in mind, rejuvenated in body and restored in being. My body wasn’t aching from the arthritis (or degenerative disc disease), cervical radiculopathy, TMJ or lumbar radiculopathy. I had even shedded a few inches. My mental state was on the mend and overall, pain free. Well, to be honest, not completely. There is still some lower body pain that loves to play hide and you don’t hafta seek, amongst other things…

Nonetheless, the tolerance of pain was better leaving from momma’s house than when I left to visit her. My ambulation even allowed me to go the distance a little further and that, I believe, with the assistance of two reflexology massages I received while in Charlotte. Currently, I’m off of the meds which are nothing but opioids—mind altering drugs. I felt myself becoming someone I wasn’t while on them. I cancelled an epidural injection and if the pain recurs unbearable, I’ll ask the doctor for [a] med[s] that are less mind altering and addictive. In addition, I’m applying body patches designed for arthritis, muscle or joint pain, etc.; excercising my upper body more, drinking “Just Black Cherry” juice, and dousing myself with red alcohol. How many of you ever heard of, used or have seen the red rubbing alcohol? Let’s talk about that.

Lawd, if ever I was going to get a new, chronic pain free body here on this earth by being with momma, then coming back home in a more relaxed state, this would be the closest to being it.

Everything was going well, even in my relationship with my husband. When the enemy of my mind tried to bring back old memories which triggered anxiety or stress, I immediately took them into captivity. And I bought my thoughts into the obedience of Christ—His word, His promises for me. Somebody say, “but for the grace of God,” “I can,” “I will” because “this too shall pass!” I can do all things through Christ Jesus! He is strengthening me now. “Get thee behind me satan!” “I plead the blood of Jesus! I am as Christ is in me!!” Amen!

A few weeks had past to date and everything is still going well. However, the spiritual test is not over. There’s still a mental battle going on. As I’m writing this blog, dark miniature darts of the underworld are shooting trying, uneffectively to thwart my thoughts. To add, more tragic things transpired in my life that has affected my family that cannot be mentioned at this time. Nevertheless, I’m still praising God. He said, all things are working together for my good… With that said, I’m choosing to wholeheartedly trust Him.

Needless to say, I bless you for your effectual, fervent prayers. They are availing much. And my husband, in spite of everything that may not even look pleasant in the natural continues to encourage me; and compares me to his vision of a butterfly. 😊 Here is, and I share with you his poem to me:


Have you ever seen butterflies
Float across the sky,
The pattern of their wings
The grace of their flight?

Awesome beings in God’s day light
Colors so bright in a way
That does say “I am unique,”
For there is no other just like me.

To follow them, to touch them
So hard to do and if touched
They rub off on you.

Every now and then
The miracle happens
One may light upon you.

Only for a moment, then fly away
Leaving a sense that you have had
A special encounter with
God’s own creation.


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