The Voice of Love, Life

The activities of the day had shutdown. And the hour for my devotions was at hand. The evening was quiet for the exception of the low playing sounds of “Music Choice.” It’s a station that plays the essence of instrumental jazz. In my mind, I enjoy hearing that type of music because it tells stories that I can envision. As well, it is soothing.

Listening to the congruency of various types of instruments whether it’s through jazz, inspirational music or contemporary causes me, at times, to think about David playing his harp, and the spiritual effects from the outcome of his music. Likewise, are the lyrics from the 150th Psalm that demonstrate the power of supernatural properties via harmonious instruments—God, the Master musician.

Anyway, that night October 19th the atmosphere had been set for the ushering in of Holy Spirit. As my body relaxed in an upward position on the bed, I reached for my devotional. “Jesus Calling,” by Sarah Young by far is the best devotional and perpetually dated book that I’ve ever encountered or read. I began to read a few pages from missed days. I knew the Holy Spirit was definitely ministering to me, while simultaneously Father God was speaking to me. Next, my mind, body, and spirit began to yield to what was taking place.

That night had turned into the break of day, October 20th. I turned to the page pictured insert and began reading it. I could sense my spirit man becoming alive with a newness of life. It was the moment of intimate koinonia. God my lover, my healer was making His love in me. A spiritual conception was forming.

Like the congruency of musical instruments, His Spirit was joining together with mine. The previous blogs that I’d written regarding the chronic pain and weakness in my body was being infused by His energy—the LIVING word of God! This is the revelation that I received while reading the October 20th page of the inspirational book.

What a faithful and amazing God! Beloved onlookers and fellow bloggers, the same gift of abundant LIFE that had been infused in my body as experienced many times before, has no respect of persons. This spiritual intercourse and enfolding can be yours. Simply rest and trust in Him. Father God will do exceedingly and abundantly anything that you ask Him. Even during the suffering from [chronic] pain and weaknesses in your body, if you believe by faith that He will meet your need, it will be done, His way! His Life of energy will pervade your being.

Listen to His voice, our Lord is wooing you to become intimate. As well, He desires that His love, His LIFE be harmoniously conceived in you. The music is playing. And the LIGHT shines. Walk ye in it.



7 thoughts on “The Voice of Love, Life

  1. Yahobahne, so good to find in good health and blogging again. God is good. He touches us through devotional books, His Word, dreams, visions, the still small voice, and so on. May God continue to bless and prosper you spiritually and in health. Your testimony of the power of God is encouraging and inspiring. I look forward to reading your blog. You write beautifully. Hmmm. I wonder if God is calling you write a devotional?


    • Lady Sheryl, it’s been a while since we last chatted. You have been missed. Once again your thoughts of encouragement has blessed my soul. To read your responses makes brighter my ambitions to become the author I aspire to be. But never did I imagine becoming a writer of a devotional [book]. Perhaps this is where the Holy Spirit is leading me.
      I’m still in need of a new computer—I text from my phone—so that I can resume working on my book. The time away from working on my future book has allowed me to think on things, including aspects of how it should be defined.
      …And look at Father God through you, “A Devotional Book?” Aha, that idea has truly enhanced my perspective. To that end, thank you lady Sheryl for just being you, being concerned about me, and your genuine love toward me.
      May the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit rest, rule and abide. And the favor of God, may it be multiplied even as your territory increases unto you and your family, in Jesus’ name, Amen. Thank you and much love sent your way. 😊❤✨


      • Good to hear from you! Thank you so much for the beautiful blessing you gave me. (“May the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit rest, rule and abide. And the favor of God, may it be multiplied even as your territory increases unto you and your family, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”) I pray the same for you. And I pray that you can get a computer soon and finish the book you’re writing. Love to you!


      • Great to hear from you, Yahobahne! May God continue to grant you favor (and I pray that includes a new computer!) Blessings, dear one. Your kind thoughts, encouragement, and prayers that God will increase my (and my family’s) territory mean so much to me. Hugs.


  2. When I read your post, I immediately thought of my morning devotion. We’re reading the same devotional. This devotional is awesome. It was a blessing to me in September from a church member, and for Christmas I plan to bless a few of my friends with it.


    • What a surprise to know we read the same devotional book. I hope your friends will experience the magnitude of the Lord’s presence and blessings while reading as you and I lady Angela. Thank you for your kind words.


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