imageI know that there is someone out in the WordPress blog land who is currently suffering. It may be mentally, emotionally or physically. Whichever one it is, you may not be receiving encouragement.
Sometimes, the process of encouragement is talking about the problem so to get the sufferer through it, one step at a time. I believe this is what Jesus did when He met the woman at the water well.
Recently, I was thinking about Job’s suffering, the boils that infested his body, and how he may have felt. I understand the puss which oozed from the boils stunk. Just take a moment and imagine his self image. Did you see it? Pain sufferers may have a low self esteem or think less of their image when going through their afflictions.
Then I thought about the Apostle Paul, the thorns in his flesh. I wondered what he took for pain. Oh, and what about Jesus. He bore all of our sicknesses. Can you imagine the nerve pain from degenerative disc disease or DDD, and the pain of cervical or pancreatic cancer that He endured on the cross—without taking an iota of medication or any pain relievers?
Yesterday, I had an ESI or epidural procedure. When the medicine was being inserted, in tears I moaned long and hard. It was very painful to undergo. So, the doctor asked if I wanted him to pause injecting the medicinal solution. Still moaning, I said yes. But, he did this about three times before the entire procedure was completed. Now think about it, Jesus didn’t once take a break receiving the pain of our afflictions. He didn’t have to take a short pause out of a 10 minute procedure or a breather from harsh whippings which were hours long because the pain was unbearable. Nope, the piercing and flogs to His body were endured nonstop.
In succession, the lady with the issue of blood for 12 long years… I wondered, why was it 12 years opposed to less than or more, that she suffered in agony? I imagined her pain and what meds she may have been taking. Who was her pain management doctor? Ummm.
I can only say that the same God who was there with those people are with those who suffer today. He’s with me and for me and likewise, you. In other words, He understands. I am a DDD sufferer, but more than a conqueror via overcoming by my testimonies and the blood of the Lamb. Do I constantly feel the pain and take meds? Of course, yes. Do I trust Father God for wholeness in my body? Yes, but by faith. He is my greatest encourager, and I desire that He be yours too. Don’t deny your sufferings. Rather, turn them over to a more than able Healer.
Perhaps this scripture will help you as it is helping me cope today:
“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18
I may not know your exact pain or what you may be suffering, but I do empathize. Hold on. Keep the faith, your change is going to come because this too shall pass. Much love sent your way!

16 thoughts on “THIS TOO SHALL PASS

  1. I understand this totally, I have been coping with PIA for more than 10 years with treatment in hospital every two weeks.
    It is the love and support of God in all aspects which keeps me going even when I struggle to know it on any one day.
    May the Lord God bless you and bring healing to you.

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    • Hello sir Chris, Father God truly does love you. And He most assuredly is your greatest supporter.
      Since the “This Too Shall Pass” post, I no longer suffer Degenerative Disc Disease or Spinal Stenosis Chronic pain! Glory to God!! I’m med free!! Even the acupuncture treatments I’m receiving has been reduced to once a month.
      Father God is faithful, gracious, kind and abounding in lovingkindness! The sufferings and pain that I faced were ways to draw me more close and intimate to Him! They were tests to see if I really was going to press in the Kingdom things of God. I found out that He is not a logical reasonable thinking God. Because if so, I would’ve received the manifestation of my healing long before then. He was teaching me how to confidently trust in and rely upon Him.
      Suffice it to say, I learned how to seek and worship Him more. And there were Kingdom truths that I applied to my life! Needless to say, He allowed that pain… to come upon me so to woo me closer to Him. Sounds strange huh? Remember, He’s not logical. I thank Father God for His love towards me. I can laugh about it now! I guess that’s what the Apostle Paul meant when he said that he counts it all joy when he goes through various trials and tribulations. He perhaps knew that the outcome of his circumstance and issues would be victorious. And that’s what I learned.
      As for your circumstance sir, I’m believing with you that the pain and suffering in your body will too pass. Keep trusting Father God. He’s exceedingly more than able! Nothing is impossible for Him! Thank you for responding!
      Much love sent your way. ✨❤️✨


  2. I wonder if the woman with the issue of blood suffered from fibroids? It’s not painful but it sure causes blood loss and a drop in the hemogloblin and hematocrit. In any case, it’s reassuring to know that we serve an all-powerful God. Many of the services I attend on Friday night evolve into healing services. Check out All of the services are archived. You are a wonderful person. May God enlarge your territory and heal all your diseases, special lady.


    • You’re welcome lady Louise. Thank you for returning the visit. And likewise, I’ll be back to read your posts.

      Louise Gallagher has a uplifting and encouraging blog. Check it out y’all. 👆👌


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