Some Time

Tall, dark, good looking, a brawny man
Sufficient provider
A rollin’ stone was he
His work, arduous
always money in his

Spiffy three piece suits, gangsta
lean’ in those great big Cadillacs
He was her love
Ah, reveling in happy
Once upon a time, she
used to ride piggy on his

Precious seconds, hours,
years had past
The bond diminished
Blank, dead affections
The relationship didn’t last

Emotional leapfrogs, and
little time to spare
Her inner self longed for a
Resolutely, she struggled
to reclaim her peace
Neither one of them cared

O Lord, a change must
An epiphany was bound
to happen
All past grudges forgiven
God’s will be done

Lo, Grace, they met again
An ailing condition waxed
Aging, he grew weaker
Her mercy felt his pain

Sickness spread, himself
he could not keep
Transitioned to a nursing
home, his earthly time at
Strangely their love
revived to flourish
Imminent his demise

Home with the Lord
Sorely missed
Lingering memories, not
withholding tears
She’ll always cherish his



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