Prophetic word; Prophecy 7/7/16

Says the Spirit of the Lord: “No longer will America look for quick fixes. For in this season, I’m calling you back to “process.” And this process will be like the birth pains of a woman. This travailing process will advance the maturation much needed in My Body. The world in which you see it, and the many lives that have been brutally taken, will draw many back to Me, My heart. 

These calamities and hardships that you’re experiencing on earth My Beloved, are not My doing. They are a result of lack of works of Love; a process that has been substituted for passivity, performances, and quick fixes. These sudden trials will teach you how to pray; how to meditate in My Presence, and to seek My face. Many will learn how to worship Me in spirit and in Truth. 

No longer will your prayers be quick fixes, and without Kingdom substance. For I Am bringing you into a “process” that the outcome will be renewing of minds and transformation of hearts. For My Kingdom has come! And during this process, you will discover My Kingdom Promises, My work of Grace, Holiness, and the fullness of who you are in Me, inwardly. So look for Me in the process. Seek and you shall find Me. Be exceedingly zealous! For I Am waiting for you. I Am waiting for your full attention. I’m here, see, I’m waiting inwardly within you.”

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