I Follow Jesus And His Ministry: “Large” Doesn’t Exist In Kingdom Work

Did you know that Jesus doesn’t place importance specifically on the “large size” charismatic ministries whether it’s in the church, outside of the church or on social media outlets? Neither does He place value on large (church) ministries, people fame, popularity or (church leader, prophet, apostle…) celebrity recognition b/k/a personal notoriety or drawing attention to self.

Usually, the larger the ministry, the larger the “person” notoriety. This kind of perception is worldly, full of obscurity, religious, and sensual (James 3:15). Furthermore, it doesn’t denote doing “greater” works. 

Seemingly, if larger ministries were the “it” in Christianity or charismatic churches, then in all of the Gospels, Jesus wouldn’t have considered the smaller ministries or Kingdom work of greater importance. 

For example, Jesus mentioned that the widow, in her ministry, gave more than those (rulers) who made a show of their great charitable giving (Luke 21:1-4). Note that our Lord’s priority was in serving and giving while executing Kingdom work. Besides, He was fulfilling the Isaiah 61:1 also Luke 4:18 prophecy. This is what Jesus recognized in the widow woman’s ministry. Not to mention, when He fed the 5,000 people, it was His pleasure to serve and do Kingdom work. This pleased His Father (Matthew 14:13-21). In all, the number 5,000 had nothing to do with the value or importance of the largeness in “size” of ministry. 

O Lord may we but see from a Kingdom perspective, from the eyes of God. Change Gracious Father our mindset… our way of thinking.

In another example, Jesus proves, to those with a religious mindset or worldly perceived, that He neither hangs out with nor is edified by being a part of the popular, famed or celebrity types (Mark 5:37, 40). 

Conversely, He ministers with simplicity and is compassionate in something that we may see everyday in our homes, schools, places of business, on the streets, in our neighborhood or in the hospital, etc., but overlook because we (subconsciously) think it’s “small” (Mark 5:41, 42). Please read Mark 5:35-43

So what if the believer uses the scripture, St. John 14:12 to defend large ministries or doing “greater” works? First, we have to understand Jesus asserted that it’s the Holy Spirit, not a [wo]man or his personality, fame or such like who is the key mechanism to the believer doing “greater” [Kingdom] works. 

Second, the believer’s work will never be greater than, as it relates to the power of, the authority, preciseness or the overall Divine magnanimity of God! For He is Elohim, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscience! Glory to God! Third, but not last, He, Jesus was pointing out in this scripture that it is in the collective course of supernatural events that His followers would display God’s Kingdom power here on earth… that is, in doing “greater” works. 

I believe that what Father God looks at is our heart for Kingdom works. This includes selflessly serving others which is a picture of generously giving, evangelizing, discipleship or spreading the Good News or Gospel… outside of the structural buildings made with human hands.

Now is the time that we begin to recognize that as born again believers, followers of Christ, we each have a ministry, and we are on this earth to fulfill it. “It” doesn’t have to do with “size” or whether or not you’re a person of notoriety. Rather, “it” has all to do with spiritual maturity, that is, growing in the things of God.

Remember, His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven. And everyone of us in the Body of Christ, that is His hands, and His feet, are needed in order that God’s Kingdom work go forth. You are individually, as well as collectively important, valued, and necessary. God bless you with greater compassion, humility and simplicity. May His face forever shine upon you in Jesus name.


~Yah©bahne 2016

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3 thoughts on “I Follow Jesus And His Ministry: “Large” Doesn’t Exist In Kingdom Work

  1. I understand what you are getting at here, but Jesus is not teaching that we should not worship in church on Sundays at all. In fact, He taught in the synagogues Himself on many occasions.

    We praise God in worship, give to the church from our means, and take communion to remember Jesus’ death at church services. We also fellowship with like-minded believers there, all as God has planned for us.

    Yes all of the things you mentioned in your post are important work for the Lord, but we need to worship Him in fellowship each Lord’s day as well…


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    • Sir Steve, I never mentioned that Jesus doesn’t want us to worship in “church” (or synagogues) on Sundays whether it’s for communion or having fellowship with like-minded believers.

      Fellowships and communion are necessary elements to strengthening believers, and especially the equipping of the saints… hence 5-fold ministry. However, there’s no place in the bible that specifically says that the above should be done in a [“local”] church!

      There is a distinct difference between a particular [“local”] church [non]denominational and the Church of Christ, that is, His Kingdom Church. To add, the [Kingdom] Church, does not mean either any particular or congregational church. Nor does it mean any national one; but rather it means the Church Universal. The Church Universal consists only of God’s elect. This church is invisible at present, and will never fail; of which Christ is the Head, and for which He has given Himself. The invisible Church resides on the inside of every believer in Christ Jesus.

      The original word “church” is Greek for the gathering of the assembly (Hebrew 12:23). Throughout centuries, religion, legalism, syncretism, as well as the tradition of men have governed “the gathering of the assemblies” or [“local”] church. Remember what Jesus did in Matthew 21:12?

      Within structures made by human hands, mere (religious) leaders used their manner of formalism, false humility, and other evil practices as forms of worship. This dumbed down the Church, meaning the believers, the Body of Christ. Subtlety, these practices caused the hearts of “the gathered assembly” to be pulled further and further away from the love of Christ, and Christ Himself our/their first Love. Read Revelations chapter 2 and 3. Even the church of Philadelphia, the better of the remaining six churches, was filled with anxiety. This tradition to this day, is currently being practiced. Look around.

      Does this mean that people ought to cease going inside of a building made with human hands to worship… or as in apostasy? No it doesn’t.

      May the Holy Spirit live, move and have His way in their being through Christ’s righteousness. May blinded eyes and deaf ears be opened in Jesus name.

      Nonetheless, we, the true Church must remember this:

      “And He (Jesus) is the Head of the Body, the Church, who is the beginning, firstborn out from the dead, so that He might be holding preeminence in all things.”
      ~Colossians 1:18

      Truth be told sir Steve, every born again believer is an important component, that is… hands, feet… of the living Church! We are the sons of God joined together who toil the earth: running the race set before us, through the blood of sprinkling and through Jesus our Mediator. Read Matthew 11:12.

      Again, the Lord’s Church is not made with human hands as in a 4-walled or structured building. As for assembling for communion and fellowship, and strengthening and loving up on one another, come over to my house or I yours. Go into the hospitals, grocery stores, higher learning institutions, places of business… or even out on the streets. That’s where the Church is, the invisible One. That’s where I will be.

      Finally, when Holy Spirit shows me the one(s)/souls that are outside of the Church; the one(s) who are unChurched meaning they’ve not yet received Jesus as Lord and Savior and have become a part of the Kingdom of God… perhaps they may need prayer, a smile or a compliment, salvation or healing… Whatever it may be, if they are not a part of His, Christ’s Church, then I will indulge them with the love of Christ, as the Spirit of the Most High leads me to.

      Thank you for your comment. Much love sent your way sir! ✨❤️🌹😊


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