Are You Religious or Righteous? Hint: Religious Mindsets Keeps One Caged.

Religiosity is a belief that is totally opposed to the Righteousness of God [the new creation] in a believer. It’s a system of thinking designed to prevent a believer from receiving the Eternal and Kingdom truths. To that end, a religious person doesn’t understand his or her identity in Christ. And an unrenewed mindset gravitates to habits of carnality. When this happens, the believer who is religious vacillates between his or her past [history] or is perpetually receiving a misinformed gospel.

Man’s religion has roots that are Pharisaical in nature. It’s a type of control system. And it’s based on performance rather than grace. Strikingly enough, the same pharisaical bewitching that took place in the book of **Galatians, chapter 3 verses 1-5, is still prevalent in the 21st century Church. Here are a few bullets on how to recognize a religiosity spirit b/k/a man’s [old] nature:

  • When one takes a stand against a particular social, political or religious issue
  • One who always sees or finds fault in self 
  • Church leaders or pastorship who brings light to, counsels or resurrects any negative behaviors instead of the righteousness of Christ in [a] believers
  • One who operates by the works of the law or performance
  • Humanism, legalism, ism, schism or factious views 
  • Anything that doesn’t factor in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • * * Preaching or teaching about “another Jesus”
  • Any teaching on how “to fix” (your) another person’s behavior 

Jesus said, from such turn away! 

It is vital that the believer enters into the presence of the Lord. For example, set aside a time of worship, being silent. In other words, no mental or outward distractions! Begin with 15 minutes per day. Then increase this time of silent worship. Being quiet is one way of learning how to hear from God or being in tune to the leading of Holy Spirit. The spiritual life of a believer must depend wholeheartedly upon Father God. He or she must continually pray without ceasing (speak in tongues), read the word of God and find out how to respond according to the Spirit verses carnality. So many examples are found in Ephesians 4:22-32. Afterwards, meditate on the read word. In other words, read that scripture (Ephesians 4:22-32) daily until it becomes the new creation’s habit.

Distinctly, the believer hears from the Holy Spirit, solely depending on Him for all teaching and direction. During these times spent in the Lord’s presence, the believer, by faith will be able to recognize their righteousness in Christ. As well, they will be able to recognize the voice of God and His attributes. In no time this upgrade in spirituality will increase, enabling the believer’s renewed mind to begin to oppose religiousity. Unashamedly, the new creation inside them will rise up. As a result, they will begin to thwart the throes of the enemy, religion, while boldly taking a stand for righteousness, in spirit and in truth. Blessed are the uncaged!


Loving and Wonderful Father God,

We are so grateful for Your kindness, generosity, all that Jesus sacrificed for us, and for every work of grace! For this, we give thanks. Thank You for our righteousness in Christ our Lord. Thank You that our old nature and it’s consequences went from the cross to the grave. Thank You that we are learning how to recognize Jesus in us, and how to walk in the newness of life, in the spirit. Thank You PaPa that You see only Jesus in us. And all of heaven responds to Him in us. Thank You that Your Kingdom has come and Your will is being done on earth through us. Thank You for creating in us a clean heart and we declare that our minds are being renewed. We decree that we are a Kingdom citizen no longer entangled in the ways or teachings of society or this world. Henceforth, we say yes and amen to our Kingdom righteousness. And will continually give you all of the praise and glory in Jesus name.


Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away. Behold, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17

Yah©bahne 2016

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