Joy and Revelation… Kissing 

This afternoon, I was singing my rendition of “Jesus You’re the CENTER of my Joy!” The phone rang. It was my son. With great excitement, he began to share with me the revelation he received from Holy Spirit. I knew I was about to be blessed!! The revelation he now has is in conjunction to the book he’s currently reading, “Revolutionary Revelation.” I recommend that you purchase it, and follow carefully the instructions. Last week, I finished reading it! And I’m no longer the same. Hence, son of God! 

“God,” he said began to talk to him. Then my son started to write down all He was speaking. He said, “mom, I was flowing!” How many of you know that when you “flow,” whether it’s in writing or speaking prophetically that it is the Lord’s Holy Spirit giving inspiration? The Bible speaks about rivers of living waters “flowing!”

Anyway Nell, my son began to read to me what he wrote. Afterwards, I received more revelation! AaaaaHaaaa! The CENTER of my heart and joy kicked in more! At that time, I was being revved up! Glory to God! 

Now, part of Nell’s revelation from God was this: “…The more you demand of God, especially when it looks like the enemy (operating in that person) is winning, the further distant your flesh (carnal man) becomes. And the ‘space’ between you, and the enemy is as great as the earth is far away from the heavens.”  Note: the ones who are in Christ must have a clear revelation of this in order that the eyes of their understanding be enlightened (Ephesians 1:17-23)! ~ Selah 

My son’s encounter was curtailed.  I purposely discontinued giving the details of Nell’s revelatory encounter with the voice of the LORD because I knew in my spirit that I wasn’t supposed to feed my enemy every detail. I was being strategic. And this was just a tidbit of pay back to all of my enemies. Eventually, they will come to the realization that if Daniel who was, vitriolically thrown into the den of lions wasn’t attacked instead he was victorious, that it will be the same to everyone who obeys the LORD. 

Nell continued sharing more with me. And together we began to laugh and shout, rejoicing because we knew that we were protected “in,” I said, “in” the LORD God! And likewise, He is “in” us. In other words, no weapon [mind seeds, mind games, etc.] formed against us, [you or I] shall prosper! Why not? Because the more we demand of God, the greater the  distance, metaphysically and spatially it becomes between the enemy and you and I. Besides, the activities of our natural or carnal man decreases. Hence, made in the image and likeness of God.

In other words, although believers were buried in Christ, the revelation of their flesh dying could illuminate their conscious.  If it does, they will no longer have the desire to deliberately sin. The closer I get to God in my relationship with Him, the more Koinonia I desire. It’s a supernatural ecstasy!  With that understanding, the believer will be more willing to allow their spirit man to rise and take, once again, unsullied Edenic authority!  My soul was screaming in laughter! That’s because the eyes of my heart i.e., spirit’s conscious, was being enlightened more. I Am spirit. Moreover I had JOY, along with receiving the new revelation of God. Worshipping Him in spirit and truth!!

In conclusion, the more Nell spoke, the higher my spirit soared into heaven. I’m certain he was receiving a spiritual high. I then saw myself in that “space” or to you reading this…Heaven. I believe it was the third Heaven (2 Corinthians 2:2)!  I was just suspended there, looking around! 

Yah©bahne copyright

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