My Spirit Is Grieved

My Spirit Is Grieved!

Many people have fallen into idolatry. They listen to voices that are not of the LORD. So many people are desperate for answers to situations that they feel the LORD isn’t responding to. Consequently, in their weakness they search for “feel good” messages or teachings instead of trusting in the Omniscient God. They’re so blinded from the truth. Instead of being intimate towards the life of a person, Jesus the Christ; His righteousness, and His word has become full of dust, a chronicle of history written on parchment paper. Subsequently, they receive in their spirits words that “coach” in place of words leading to spiritual “growth!” This is the “coach” season! ~Selah

My spirit is grieved!

False doctrine, sundry forms of religion, and idolatry is on the rise. Countless people are running into rebellion; quick fixes, turn up, make it rain…giving away their money to jackpot professing Christian leaders! Give me five on the pastor with 20,000 or more likes! Filthy wantonness to satisfy “my need” fixes while these prophets lay on top of their beds to prophesy to silly women! “I’ll pillow talk them encouraging words. ‘They’ll listen,'” these tricksters say. Leaders in ministry, pumping their years of experience, and not to mention their titles; shrewd religious pimps to the tune that their follower’s spiritual senses have been dulled, and trained to follow another Jesus. O come let us adore him, not Christ our King!

My spirit is grieved! 

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope are smorgasbords full of mack daddy false teachers, prophets, and apostles; a playground of choices. Laden women and men try to break away, but their emotions are so caught up in the mack daddy delusions which have made them captive! Famished of the gospel souls! Mouths that utter praises, but with hearts that are far from the LORD!

My spirit is grieved! 

Furthermore, the gullible one’s eyes are trained to see entertainment and performance, not realizing the error that engulfs them. Whose in the hedges of the Almighty’s Grace interceding? The unchurched are in search for the truth. They won’t knock on your church doors though. Inside, the heathens dance around the golden calf mimicking false gods and images! I rebuke you satan!! Father God is protecting the unchurched. They’re coming in droves. But when they come knocking, the true Church without spot or wrinkle will welcome them in. The famine has certainly arrived! There is Famine in our land.

My spirit is grieved!

My spirit is grieved!


Oh Gracious, Loving LORD, and Heavenly Father, I humbly beseech Your Divine intervention. I come before You into the Courtroom of heaven, and Your Throne asking for Your tender Mercies upon Your people and this land. As Your intercessors pray, give ear to them. Send forth Your calvary of truth ministers, warriors, those who walk in the spirit of Your love. I decree that the violent take God’s people by force! The ones who are being preyed upon…

“They are the kind who worm their way into households and captivate vulnerable women who are weighed down with sins and led astray by various passions.” 2Timothy 3:6

O LORD, I beseech You. Rescue the vulnerable and weak. Pull away from the eyes of the gullible and silly, the wool. Their hearts are far from You because of the deceitful hands of evil woven nets of mere men! You’re not blind to this. Neither are You death! In this hour, Your people are crying out to You! Be merciful O God! Let not the anger from Your heart utterly destroy this land of greed and compromise. For in it are Righteous ones! Surely the famine is upon it! You’ve not completely forsaken it! You allow various sorrows to take place in efforts that Your people will render their hearts to You, not their garments! Bring forth Your Righteous prophets and apostles. Those who have hearts for Your people, the disciplined, the humbled ones! They’re the ones whom You have hidden for Your Good pleasure and Glory! Bring them forth from the caves! They are not afraid to speak Your truth or to speak about Your love. They are people of integrity and godly character. Scrupulous are their actions! They fear You and are warriors, sons of God who really love You!

And as You are opening the floodgates for the true five-fold ministers, I ask that You Father God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory that You: “may give unto Your people, Christ’s body, the Church, the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You! May the eyes of our understanding be enlightened; that we may know what is the hope of our calling, and what the riches of the glory of Your inheritance in the saints are to those who believe,” in Jesus name!

Yah©bahne 2017

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