Mr. Whitfield, Our Homeless Friend

Just as Jesus the Christ came to execute His earthly ministry, “not to be served but to serve…”(Matthew 20:28), the LEMM team and its volunteers did the same for Mr. Whitfield, and a tent-city’s quartet of the homeless.

This mid afternoon, not only did Mr. Whitfield receive another feet washing treatment, but also included was his long awaited hair washing (exclusively shown on website). He, in addition received a cold bottle of milk, and the comb and brush set that we finally got around to purchasing. He was filled with joy! He also met our volunteers, Nell and Tola. Nell washed his feet, and Tola his hair.

We also met for the first time, Monique and a man who called himself ‘Q’ both homeless (not shown). They, along with Mr. Black, and Tim (both not shown) but who had been previously served, received either toiletries, T-shirts, underwear, and or a pair of tennis shoes. They were very grateful. We appreciate our donors!


Our 501c3 nonprofit, The Light of Embassy Missions Ministry or LEMM, is requesting monetary gifts and donations. These are vital to those in dire need. Our ultimate aim is to get our homeless brothers and sisters into shelters or housing. Meantime, while many of them wait out the long bureaucratic systems, our stopgap crisis outreach will be there to intervene.

Viewers and followers, you can help us continue to assist the poor, our street’s homeless. How?…Go to our Website. Learn more about our work via WordPress blogs or stories. Watch our live videos and photos for the Hand of God moving.

We’re now receiving perishable foods such as, specifically, (pop-up top) canned tuna and or chicken.

Scroll up…Complete the “Donate Today” form at the end of the page. Then click “submit.” God bless you and thanks a billion.



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