Footmen On The Streets of Despair & The Unprotected

“The Lord loves a cheerful giver.”

Out and about in Maryland doing what we love to do. The inquisitive guard lady met us to see what all of the excitement was about. After she was informed what we were doing, she thanked us. To mention, she invited the LEMM to come back. She stated that the unsheltered in that community were in dire need of assistance and essentials. Some hadn’t had showers in days. Shoes were dilapidated with holes. Then, there was a deaf man on the scene, along with his interpreter. In sign language, the hearing impaired man wanted a pair of tennis shoes in his size. Fortunately, we had a size available to closely fit him. He was grateful to receive them. The young lady seen in video, was happy to receive feminine essentials, soap, toothpaste, etc., as well as shoes.

Our mission isn’t over. We plan on returning to that particular area. This time, we would like to distribute cooler clothing. The summer has kicked in here. And we don’t want the unsheltered to succumb to overheating or heat stroke. We’ve a lot more ground to cover in the Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia area. Actually, we’ll serve wherever the Lord leads us. If you check out our website, you’ll find out the other outreach areas — statewide, as well as over seas that the LEMM had blessed.

Meanwhile, if you would like to send your gifts, please use our cash app or Zelle. Visit, follow or join us on our IG page: @Yahobahne

or our

Facebook page: (The Light of Embassy Missions Ministry or LEMM) Want to volunteer? LEMM has that contact information for you. Compassion in action! 👀

Our Website is:

We’re not done yet! The LEMM’s Drop-in Center is open and ready to give away “FREE” Children’s, Adult’s, Teen’s and Infant’s Clothing; Shoes, Purses, Jackets, Coats, and more. Places like “Good Will” stores charge you. The LEMM doesn’t! Moreover, the pandemic and economy has created so many misfortunes —- unemployment cutbacks, joblessness or loss of residential places. As a result, the LEMM decided to store up for families these FREE essentials, etc. Join or follow us on our Facebook page and or website to learn how you can be [temporarily] made whole again. We’re excited to help.

Note: People who desire to give gifts instead of the monetary donations, may do so.


New – male active wear (tennis) shoes sizes 11-13 (new/gently used & clean)

2X – 3X T-Shirts and 35 – 40 waist Pants

Female active wear (tennis) shoes sizes 6-9
Large BackPacks

Sleeping Bags

Lift top small canned foods e.g., soups, tuna fish, chicken; packaged fruit, packaged crackers, small bottled water, sips or chips (snack foods).

We appreciate your compassion-in-action, and for helping us make our footmen on the streets, off-the-grid sites, underneath bridges, living in cars, and some shelters possible to reach our unsheltered, disadvantaged or poor. We’re asking for one time gifts or continued gift supporters and philanthropists to help us. Our Maryland registered 501C-3 non-profit is not government funded, granted or supported. We rely “you,” our generous givers.

We appreciate you taking the time out to read about our footmen’s mission — compassion-in-action. Feel free to share this post/blog or help us. It costs nothing but your “love,” and giving! Thank you so much.

Feeling Hopeful,

Joanna High,

Project Coordinator, Manager

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