The Voice of Love, Life

The activities of the day had shutdown. And the hour for my devotions was at hand. The evening was quiet for the exception of the low playing sounds of “Music Choice.” It’s a station that plays the essence of instrumental jazz. In my mind, I enjoy hearing that type of music because it tells stories […]

The Flu Flew

Common in season Winter germs spread Randomly picked me Why? No reason Ev’ry symptom awakes Sinus draining Ear pressure Body and head aches Temperature rose No appetite Chills all over Itchy, stuffy and runny nose Ahchoooo Violently coughing Doctor’s visit Stomach upset and Nauseated too Hydrating How much longer? No peace Constant praying and medicating Canned […]

An All Too Common Feeling, Uncertainty Reduction

It was the first evening of a host of college classes to come, a course in American History, Past and Present .  I don’t recall American History being a course-subject in middle or high school.  Therefore, I had a very skeptical attitude about my ability to comprehend and successfully pass an untrodden subject matter.  All of this came with the territory—the new […]