The Flu Flew

Common in season Winter germs spread Randomly picked me Why? No reason Ev’ry symptom awakes Sinus draining Ear pressure Body and head aches Temperature rose No appetite Chills all over Itchy, stuffy and runny nose Ahchoooo Violently coughing Doctor’s visit Stomach upset and Nauseated too Hydrating How much longer? No peace Constant praying and medicating Canned […]

Tea Leaves, Hot Tea

As I sit here typing away on a breezy evening, I’m thinking about the succulent aromatic, subtle blending of herbal flavors running through my slightly chilled body.  My insides warm up at the thought of feeling its soft texture, along with the heat cascading down my throat. Ahhh and the bonus; the taste of the sweet raw honey and lemon. Scripture reading: Fruit trees of all kinds […]