in GrandMa Ma’s Boots


A slight voice signaled, “y’all come look,” and
a sight we did see cloaked not in a nook, but
standing at the entrance of the bedroom door

in GrandMa Ma’s Boots

She’s two years old, boots up to her thighs
can’t take a step, just swaying from side to side
as if a breeze was ’round her

Gently touching and coaxing
her to move: confident, toddler speech boasting
no stress, no presence of any strain standing

in GrandMa Ma’s Boots

No fear, only a smile, her thrill
  to her Grandma’s boots are easy to fill because
they are filled with love

Scripture Theme:
Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory
of children is their fathers. Proverbs 17:6

Credit to RHigh


26 thoughts on “in GrandMa Ma’s Boots

    • Thank you lady Gilly. I appreciate you stopping by. You’re welcome to come again, peruse, “like” and or make yourself at home here…any time.

      ~Your new neighbor 😊

  1. Amen to the scripture used! What has always been puzzling to me is that grandma ma usually comes first to most kids with parents. Beautiful poetry. I’ve yet to share my poetry here, still thinking…. Bless You! – Shelia

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