God Was Delighted That His Son Was Bruised… For Us!

The scriptures say that Father God delighted in the death of His son, Jesus. To many they may think that this was crazy… A Father taking pleasure in the death of his child, especially the one and only?! But this delight was for a good and masterful reason. It wasn’t the delight in what our minds would understand… logically that is, especially if our perception isn’t based on the Kingdom of God and Heaven. 

Father God desired that His name continue on in Glory. He is Holy and He couldn’t allow sinful man, and his nature to represent Him. He also desired that we would be reconciled back unto Him… to live with Him, love Him (relationally), honor, and glorify Him… on earth as it is in Heaven… just like it was before Adam had sinned! 

You see, the sin of Adam sullied forever our relationship with Father God, in every way known unto mankind. Before sin, Adam and mankind glorified, and honored the Father! They were inseparable, and holy, the same as He. But sin entered in…

Father God knew in His “before the earth” or “Let there be Light” (Genesis 1:3) creation that we would sin, and because all in Adam [would have] sinned. There in Elohim’s Heavenly deliberation, He, Jesus, and Holy Spirit would discuss who will be the One that would sacrifice His life so that us sinners would be reconciled back to Him, and so that He could get His honor back, via His name. The loving Jesus said “I!” And the rest is HIStory! Jesus, the Christ became the living sacrifice! He was the last Adam, and truly obedient. 

Out of Christ’s obedience hung, on the cross, His great love for us; but more important, His love for His Father, our Father God. It wasn’t so much that our Lord God took pleasure in the wounds, bruises or sufferings of His son Jesus. Rather, it was the magnificent accomplishment of what Christ, the anointed One experienced. Jesus accomplished what no other man on this earth could ever do… take on the sin, bruises, beatings, lies, etc. and punishment… upon His body! Glory to God!

Yes, our Father in Heaven delighted in the fact that He could trust His only begotten son; not the actions of killing goats or bulls or lambs. But a true and living sacrifice He could trust! Jesus became the propitiation for our sin! In His accomplishment was included preparations, a way for us to be righteous, and a way for us to live Kingdomly. Moreover, our loving Creator wanted His glorious reputation back!  

He desired that we live, move, and have our being through living in and being part of His glory alone! To add, the Father knew that Christ’s sacrifice would save billions of people from sin and death (John 3:16,17). Not to mention, those who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, would be His seed. They are the ones who will have “prolonged” or eternal life with Father God. Hallelujah!! They shall experience forever in eternity His joy, laughter, kindness, peace, comfort, and pleasure! But most of all, they will lavish in His abounding Love!! 

How gloriously amazing a redemption plan is that?! Now do you understand? This is why He delighted in, also took pleasure in His son’s death. Such victory! Such grace! Such merciful is He! 


Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; He has put him to grief: when you shall make His soul an offering for sin, He shall see His seed, He shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in His hand. Isaiah 53:10


~Yah©bahne 2016

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