Piano Blogs

Writing blogs and the benefits from it, which I enjoy doing is like the components of, listening to, and playing the pianoIn the quiet of the night the Holy Spirit mailed via special delivery to me, this fanciful design.  So, I thought that it would be neat to make, in no specific order, a comparison of the two.  Check this out…

  • Pressing hammered mechanisms connected to piano strings is to the end result of resounding musical notes as typing from a laptop’s keyboard is to skillfully forming creative blogs.
  • The black keys, 36 which represents half-step notes and white keys, 52 which represents tones is to two different key group arrangements as are viewers or responders are to the assortment of colorful walks of life, race, and ethnicities visiting this site and reading these blogs.
  •  Learning musical scales is to composing pianissimo melodies and harmony which is the metamorphosis of great piano playing, as writing fluidly is to my blog’s rendition.


How’s that for a piece of music? 🙂


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