When Sharing is Out of Place, Disjointedness Occurs

Share and share alike,” is an all too familiar and cosmopolitan phrase that most of us find agreeable.  Often times this idiom is appropriated in our actions and thoughts whether or not we are conscious of it. It is a natural response. And I believe this action word underlies the root of how we were socialized early on in life.

Why is it that when it comes to sharing whether it’s concerning our natural or godly talents, [godly] advice, personal faith or something else related to [ministerial] work, for many it’s about promoting only their contribution—an untactful partiality?  How many times have we run into people with the attitude that sharing to them means, “my information is more important than yours, therefore, I really don’t need to see, hear, read about, promote or take part in someone else’s ____________”? Yet, we make our verbal, outward or written presentations as if we’re inviting others to share along with us; only via manipulation, to obtain reviews or credits for ourselves.

This kind of behavior actually demonstrates a one-sidedness of commentary; of actions or when conversing.  From time to time, we all do this.  Unbeknownst to Christians however when sharing is out-of-place, the end result could be devastating. Not sharing with good intentions or not sharing at all, as if to intentionally withhold, is like a dislocated finger joint.  Disjointed joints not only are in distorted positions, but they cause phantom pain to exist.  That’s how it feels when parts of the body are separated.  For all of those who have experienced the agonizing pain of a broken limb or body part, they can identify with this type of separation.Skeletonpicofdisassembled

As believers in Christ this ought not be. Why? Because it’s written in scripture:

From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplies, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, makes increase of the body to the edifying of itself in love. Ephs. 4:16

SharingThis scripture speaks volumes about sharing. Meditate on it.  What if the love of God didn’t include sharing His Son Jesus to the world, where would we be today?  The very essence of the Living Word, Jesus came to share and lived among us.  His ministry embodied and was instituted with the object of sharing.  Likewise, this kind of sharing is what’s needed in various communities, especially inside of the body of Christ.  Practicing and applying this scripture to our personal agendas, our outlook, or in our daily walk will not only glorify God, but it will mend back together that much needed, naturally fitting joint that is out-of-place.  Allow the example of Jesus’ ministry to be the model of how we ought to share.

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One thought on “When Sharing is Out of Place, Disjointedness Occurs

  1. Give Silver, Get Gold!

    The Scripture teaches us that one of the ways to prevent backsliding in Christian life is by sharing our blessings with others without being selfish. We should be sharing our material blessings with others, and in particular with God’s children (without expecting returns).

    Is it ever possible for such recipients of spiritual blessings to backslide–even in their dreams? Who will ever exchange gold for silver? But here’s and exchange offer to convert your silver into gold. You give away your silver coins and God will bless you with a gold mine of eternal blessings. ~Selva Moses


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